Back to Black

Obviously I had to have some Art Deco nails to go along with my roaring twenties party. Black and gold being the natural choice. Simple design but it takes considerable patience to get the lines that slim and straight believe me. Worth it though, it’s all in the details.   Clutch – Collette (Australia) Polish – Blue Sky Shellac   Back to Black – Beyonce … Continue reading Back to Black

It’s My Birthday, It’s My Birthday

Yip tomorrow I turn the big 3 – 0! I know scary thought! Now believe me when I say having a birthday on NYE is pretty rubbish. Even more so in Scotland as we have big celebrations for Hogmany. I know what your thinking that should be great right? Wrong. I’ve never had a proper party because of the stupid date and in general everyone … Continue reading It’s My Birthday, It’s My Birthday

My Friend Has a Swimming Pool

So Mondays can be pretty dull and depressing, and if your unlucky like me a complete nightmare before 9am. So here’s a fun filled little dance pop track to cheer us all up and look forward to Friday. Mausi, pronounced mousey, are a quarter based in Newcastle. Fronted by siblings Thomas and Daisey Finetto originally from Milan, may account for the European party feel of … Continue reading My Friend Has a Swimming Pool