This little song has been stuck in my head all week. It’s the debut from Canadian band Magic! It is played constantly on the radio here, reaching no.2 in the charts. I don’t know if it was even released in the UK. It a perfect little pop holiday song with funky beat and reggae feel to it. Only one left in Australia for me, best … Continue reading Rude


I discovered this this morning and had to share it with you. From a band who currently remain anonymous, this song just beautiful. I’ve spent a little bit of time online today trying to find out who this band are and have come up with precisely nothing. They somehow managed to catch the attention of Tyler, The Creator,  well known rapper and record producer. He … Continue reading Glowing


Foxes is the gorgeous Louisa Rose Allen a singer songwriter from Southampton. I discovered her through my friend Roz who shazamed a background track in an episode of Gossip Girl. The track in question was this one and many months later is finally a single, released 27th October. It’s also featured in the new Debenham’s advert, I’ve said it before adverts are the place for … Continue reading Youth