Baby it’s Cold Outside



Cold indeed, but you know what I’m kinda liking it. It’s that’s lovely fresh crisp kinda weather and dare I say it, dry. The drop in temperatures also means I’ve had to get my winter coat out. Normally not something I enjoy, if there’s one item of clothing I struggle to find pieces I like its coats.

This year though, I have a pretty damn perfect one, courtesy of Debenhams. I fell in love with the colour of this one from The Collection. Who wants boring black when you can inject a splash of colour into winter. This one does look a wee touch mumsy on the website, it’s great quality though and nothing that can’t be solved by ditching the belt and popping the collar.

Those lovely people at Debenhams wanted to make sure I was wrapped up warm so completed my outfit with these boots and gloves. OTK boots need I say more. These ones are flat so expect to see a lot more of them. The gloves are a little indulgence. I’ve always wanted some long leather gloves, they’re so chic. I was indeed wrapped up warm so could flash a bit of leg.








Coat – Debenhams *
OTK Boots – Debenhams *
Dress – Primark
Gloves – Debenhams *
Clutch – Accessorize


Baby it’s Cold Outside – Tom Jones & Cerys Matthews 

26 thoughts on “Baby it’s Cold Outside

  1. I love these colour combos. You look great in this outfit. too chilly for me to get my legs out, though. I must be getting old.xx

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