The Sweet Escape

One of my favourite things about Glasgow is how easy and quick it is to escape to the countryside. Drive for less than an hour in just about any direction and you can find yourself lost in some wide open spaces.
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Three Years ain’t Picked a Career


I realised this week I’ve been blogging for 3 years now and it made me wonder why I do this? Three years has flown by and I still don’t really know what am doing. I’ve achieved less than I thought I would, far less than a lot of blogs I follow. Blogging takes up a lot of time and yet I still struggle to post regularly. I have no idea about SEO, coding or even how to work my DSLR properly. Even simple things like outfit posts often lead to frustration due to weather, Seb misbehaving, otherwise known as being a dog, or fights with my photographer/sister because you know, sisters.
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Those Christmas lights, Light up the Street


Christmas shopping is officially finished. Yip I fought for a parking space, braved the crazy crowds and picked up not only the rest of my presents but my mans as well. I know good girlfriend points galore for me. I have to say I now feel majorly festive. Despite people shoving and long queues in sweltering stores, all the twinkly lights just have that effect on me.  Continue reading “Those Christmas lights, Light up the Street”

Cos A Girl Gotta Have her Favourite Things

  I may have just dove into my wardrobe and thrown on all my favourite things. Luckily for me they all work together. This skirt is another bargain from the Mango sale. I love the colour and its quickly joining my hat, OTK boots and faux fur as one of my favourite things. We were so lucky yesterday and despite that ominous sky got all … Continue reading Cos A Girl Gotta Have her Favourite Things