The Cold Never Bothered Me Anyway

It may just be me but a walk along a crisp scottish beach can be just as lovely as warm sunny one. It reminds me of winter days out to the likes of Largs and Helensburgh. All bundled up for a walk and then chips on the promenade before home.

Our little cabin is only a short journey from some lovely beaches on the Moray Firth so we couldn’t pass up the opportunity. Seb the most cowardly dog ever wasn’t too sure of the sand to begin with. He quickly came round though and had a ball chasing sticks and birds.

Leather legs seemed like a good choice given there was a high chance of Seb the man splashing me. This jumper is in its third winter now and still going strong. It’s extra cosy when you slip a base layer on under it, top tip right there.






Jumper – H&M
Jeans – Quiz
Boots – Barratts
Hat –
Gloves – Marks & Spencer

Let It Go – Frozen

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