Is there anything better than a Bank Holiday weekend? Maybe one with a built in excuse to eat chocolate? I only have two days of Ripped in 30 left though so stuffing my face with chocolate probably isn’t the best idea. Might just stick to my favourite little chocolate, the furry kind.  This is what dog walk looks like just now. No fancy shoes or … Continue reading Chocolate

The Feelings Here, That Only Comes, This Time of Year

Yesterday I ventured into town to try and complete my Christmas shopping, I didn’t quite manage but I’m almost there. I was pretty lazy and didn’t make it in till late afternoon. It was lovely seeing the twinkly lights in all there glory in the dark afternoon. The darkness is not good for photos, neither is the wall to wall shoppers mind you. We did … Continue reading The Feelings Here, That Only Comes, This Time of Year

Set the fire to the Third Bar

Today I was heading up North, Glenshee, for some snowboarding. Now some people travel up in their base layers, I’m not being seen in public in my base layers, especially when I live 2hours away and need to stop for petrol. I needed something super comfy for traveling and that would keep me warm. It’s freezing here in Glasgow, but up north it’s something else! … Continue reading Set the fire to the Third Bar