In the Summer, In the City

Friday night I was out to explore the Merchant City Festival which is running along side the commonwealth games. I’d opted for jeans and a blazer in expectation of rain, the blazer is linen and my jeans rolled up so perhaps I could foresee the a beautiful summer evening we had.

With stalls selling street food and crafts and street stages with DJ’s and bands Glasgow was packed. Around every corner was another little surprise of activity. We met a collection of people from around the Globe, in particular some awesome little Aussies.

We grabbed a little corner of a cool bar, watched some athletics and drank some shots. After shots always comes dancing and before we knew it was 3am and time to head home. I wish the games lasted longer, it’s been really wonderful in the city this past week.



Jeans – Miss Sixty (really old)
Blazer – H&M
Vest – SES (Australia)
Shoes – Dune
Clutch – Accessorize

Summer in the City – The Lovin Spoonful

13 thoughts on “In the Summer, In the City

  1. Wow it was packed, I haven’t been in the centre of Glasgow for yonks, I haven’t been out at night either for yonks – that’s middle age for you.

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