Underneath the Hot Sun

It’s a little bit unimaginative to talk about the weather but hey here goes anyway. Sunshine, sunshine and more sunshine, it’s just divine.

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Put My High Heels On



These heels, what can I say I love them. Super high, leopard print and a total bargain. I picked them up at less than half price in Oxford Street Topshop, one of the benefits of having massive feet.
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I got that Sunshine in my Pocket


Thank God summer has arrived. I’ve been on a bit of a spending ban recently and was getting so fed up with my warmer clothes. I seem to hang on to more summer clothing, God knows why given the average temperature in Glasgow, so I should have plenty to choose from for the next couple weeks.
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In the Summer, In the City

Friday night I was out to explore the Merchant City Festival which is running along side the commonwealth games. I’d opted for jeans and a blazer in expectation of rain, the blazer is linen and my jeans rolled up so perhaps I could foresee the a beautiful summer evening we had. With stalls selling street food and crafts and street stages with DJ’s and bands … Continue reading In the Summer, In the City