When I Called You Last Night from Glasgow

Isn’t my fair city doing us all proud this past week. I’ve always been a proud Glaswegian but I’m really impressed by how well the Commonwealth Games are going. The opening ceremony was brilliant, I have heard a lot of people saying they found it cheesy but I loved it. It really got me excited for the rest of the games as you could probably tell from my instagram.

I didn’t mange to get any tickets for the events but I very luckily got to go to Hampden on Saturday thanks to Sarah giving me her spare ticket. We had the most amazing seats right in front of the 100m, so close to the action, again you probably noticed from my crazy instagraming. It may have only been heats but I was super excited. The whole day was topped off with the 5000m final, one of my favourite events. My highlight was the entire crowd cheering on the little guy that had two whole laps left when everyone else finished. Glasgow loves a trier.

If you ever look at fashion bloggers with jealously that they always have brand new clothes, check this little outfit out. The newest item here is this shirt and it’s 7, yes 7, years old. All those budget Birkenstocks your buying, go and get the real thing, these guys at pushing 10years old now. Turns out it is worth paying more for a bit of quality.

Tonight I’m off out to enjoy the electric atmosphere In the city centre everyone is raving about. Set to be a good night I suspect.


Blazer – Zara (8yrs old)
Shirt – Next (7yrs old)
Jeans – Republic (9yrs old)
Sliders – Birkenstock (10yrs old)

Super Trouper – ABBA

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