Cars and Trucks


As I’ve said many times, all the best music is in commericals these days. My current favourite is Julie Doiron’s Life of Dreams from the iphone commerical with all the families. It would be cheating to simply share that track though wouldn’t it, you can find it here though.

Through that I discovered Ms Dorion, prolific Candian singer songwriter. She’s been on the go since the early 90’s, working with bands and producing a bucketload of solo albums. She had entirely escaped me until now. I’ve spent the weekend listening to her most recent album, So Many Days. Released in 2012 it’s not new, but it is new to me so still counts as new music. There is a definitely Regina Spektar sound to her music, which is in no way a bad thing.

The album is a mix of some pretty bleak tracks and beautiful romantic ones. Today is Monday though, it is grey and a little bit cold here in Glasgow and neither of those tracks fit. We’re also all on a bit of a downer now the Commonwealth Games are over so this track seems appropriate, a hopeful little song about overcoming writer’s block. Enjoy.

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