It’s like the Darkness is the Light

The nights may be getting a little lighter but nature is still conspiring against me, 5.30pm sunset is just not late enough. I never realised before I started this blog how difficult it is to get decent photos inside. There’s a constant fight with the artificial light, as you can see here either too dark or spotlights on you. Roll on spring indeed. My unintentional … Continue reading It’s like the Darkness is the Light

Papa’s Got a Brand New Bag

Not Papa but me! I was inspired by Thankfifi’s wonderful sheep clutch and figured I could make a similar one with some fur I still have from my Care Bear costume. I’m not normally a pastel pink kinda girl but pastels are everywhere just now and furry handbags where dotted all over the catwalks recently. It’s a fairly simple design, which I can’t take credit … Continue reading Papa’s Got a Brand New Bag