The Autumn Tag

The lovely Shelley tagged me in this post and I’m glad she did. As much as I love the sunshine, autumn us quite a magical season.

Favourite thing about Autumn
I love watching the leaves turn all kinds of warm colours, then crunching under your feet. When I was a kid we would run around crunching them and jumping in piles. Unfortunately in Glasgow, They tend to get soggy fairly quickly thanks to the damn rain.

I’ll be drinking
I’m not a coffee drinker so I don’t get excited for the fancy Starbucks festive drinks. Nice cuppa tea for me please.

Favourite Scent
Leather. As it gets colder my trusty leather jacket, boots and gloves come out and I love how they smell.

Best Lipstick
I don’t wear lipstick, I’m a lip gloss girl. When the weather gets colder I’m always sure to have some Vaseline in my bag to save from chapped lips.

Go to Moisturiser
I always use Nivea soft intensive moisturising creme. Love the stuff. I’m not one for trying the new fad, stick to what I know works.

Eye Colour
I like a smokey eye, this time of year browns and gold look great rather that blacks and silvers.

Favourite Singer/Band
I don’t think I could pick a band I like specifically in autumn. I have some definite summer and obviously Christmas albums but not for autumn. Mumford and Sons are one band that creep back into my regularly played songs at this time of year, warm and cosy when it’s getting cold outside.

Outfit of Choice
That’s an easy one; skinnies or thermal leggings, chunky knit with some layers underneath, leather jacket, biker boots, snood and beanie hat.

The Place to Be
Without a doubt on the sofa snuggling with my gorgeous boy.

So that’s me. I’m tagging these lovely ladies, hopefully you’ve not been tagged already.
Roz and Bex – The Olivedragonfly
Sarah – Glasgow Mummy
Christina – Kimi and Me
Becki – Right Up My Street

I love hearing from you, let me know what you think

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