Autumn breeze, no falling leaves

Lots of people say Autumn is their favourite time of year and days like this I can see why. Wrapped up as the temperatures have dropped a little, but no so much that you need head to toe layers. The sun still making an appearance on blue skies and beautiful copper colours in the crispy leaves that litter the ground. 
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Glitter Tips

With Autumn well and truly upon us it’s about time for some autumnal nails. In the blogger world nothing screams autumn more than burgundy, I’m sure you’re all sick of seeing the burgundy Matt lips. That didn’t put me off it as a choice for my nails though.
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She studied Sculpture at St Martin’s College

Every year they have a graduate show in Glasgow School of Art and every year I miss it. I’ve no idea why, I’m just a bit useless. The Gallery of Modern Art, GoMA, regularly features pieces from The Art Schools successful graduates and is currently showcasing Devils in the Making. If the neon signs alone weren’t enough to tempt me in, the knowledge of all … Continue reading She studied Sculpture at St Martin’s College

Easy Like Sunday Morning

You know how bloggers are always talking about balancing blogging with work and life? Well these past two weeks I completely failed at that. I’ve had a super busy two weeks at work which has completely wiped me out. You may have noticed an almost complete absence from Twitter, Instagram and facebook. So this weekend has been mostly about relaxing on the sofa and recharging, … Continue reading Easy Like Sunday Morning

You Dress, You Walk, You Talk

My bloglovin feed has been inundated with street style shots from New York and London Fashion Weeks. The Warner temperature afforded this August seem to has given rise to a little trend of jumpers over skirts. Obviously I jumped on this instantly as the perfect way to transition my wardrobe into autumn. This dress is a favourite of mine largely due to its length, when … Continue reading You Dress, You Walk, You Talk

Lavish Alice – Blogger Competition

I came across this little competition during one of my many hours looking at pretty clothes on the internet.  The idea is you create a wishlist, not hard as I fell in love with so many items. Lavish Alice will pick five lucky bloggers to style the same item from their collection. They will then pick one very lucky/stylish blogger as the winner and they … Continue reading Lavish Alice – Blogger Competition