Foxes is the gorgeous Louisa Rose Allen a singer songwriter from Southampton. I discovered her through my friend Roz who shazamed a background track in an episode of Gossip Girl. The track in question was this one and many months later is finally a single, released 27th October. It’s also featured in the new Debenham’s advert, I’ve said it before adverts are the place for new music nowadays.

After discovering the artist Ms Roz found Foxes was touring and visiting Glasgow. We went to the gig on the Thursday before my holiday. I was impressed, despite a fairly limited crowd she put on a great show. We also got to meet her afterwards, she was lovely and genuinely couldn’t believe people in Scotland knew her songs and wanted to come see her live.

She is already pretty big in the US collaborating with a few big names, Fall Out Boy and Zedd, reaching no.8 on the US bilboard chart with the latter. Although still relatively unknown in the UK her songs have been remixed by a number of top DJ’s and she features on Rudimentals new single.

Her music is electro pop and there is a real melancholy to it. This track is gorgeous it has a reminiscent feel and is a perfect example of the music she wants to create ‘Songs that make you feel like everything’s shit at the beginning and then everything’s great by the end’. It also fits rather perfectly with that feeling you get as summer ends and the winter draws in again.

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