7 Days

So loads of blogs I read have a little Sunday round up of Instagram photos from the past week. I’ve never done a post like this but thought I’d give it a go today.

This time last week I was sunning myself at T in the Park, what an amazing day. I saw so many people, with my highlight being Labrinth and The Killers, I can pick between them. You may have seen me on TV too watching Labrinth from my amazing friends shoulders! Let the Sun Shine indeed.

During the week I was so busy with work and apart from dog walks didn’t get much chance to enjoy the sunshine. It was worth though when I won my case on Friday, resulting in an early finish and celebratory cocktail. I’d never tried these pre mixed cocktails before and it was pretty good.

Yesterday I had a lovely little afternoon in the park with my favourite boy and Sarah. My boy was so funny checking out the highland cows and having a little ‘swim’ in the muddy pond. Think the boy upset his tummy with the muddy water though. If that wasn’t enough for a brilliant day I came home to a little ASOS delivery.

Hope you’ve all had a brilliant weekend.

7 Days – Craig David

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