I Wanna Go

There’s been a distinct lack of females recently as my new music Monday. Today I will rectify that by sharing the wonderful Yuna with you. Yuna is a Malaysian born singer songwriter, discovered in February 2011 and signed to a Indie-Pop record label, Fader. Originally studying Law she gave that up to follow what she loved in the hope it would bring joy to others. She has had major success in her native Malaysia and not done to badly in the US with her debute single, Live Your Life produced by Pharrell Williams.

She remains humble despite her success which shows in her soulful and honest songs. She is perfect listening for this wonderful warm weather we are having. A combination of acoustic guitar and soft vocals. I love the tone to her voice. She describes herself as a cross between Mary Poppins and Coldplay. This track is a beautiful light love song, with a gorgeous chorus both lyrically and musically.

Not only does she write wonderful songs, she has the amazing style too. She is true to her Muslim roots always wearing one of her striking headscarfs and has her own online store as well. Girl after my own heart, I just wish I had her talent.

As always let me know what you think.

4 thoughts on “I Wanna Go

  1. Wow I had never heard of her before but I love this video/song!
    I really enjoy reading posts about music and sharing new finds through blogs 🙂 I do music posts every week on my blog and they are my favorite!


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