Waking Sitting Upright, Can’t Explain the Sunlight

I actually can’t believe it, I’ve had such a busy few weeks and I was sure by the time I had time to sit in the sun and do nothing the sun would be gone. Well i had a little victory at work yesterday and the suns still out, amazing.

I love getting out my summer clothes and of course picking up a few new ones too. Not surprisingly I was desperate to wear those amazing new heels. I thought a go for a summer palette of colours with pinks and whites.

There’s a lovely little contrast on this top between the super girly colour and the skeleton studs. I got it a size bigger so I could tie it up like this. I’ve seen it on a few blogs I read and it’s a simple way of adding a little something.

Now to get out there, enjoy your weekend!





My poor little guy isn’t enjoying the weather quite as much, need to get him some shorts and t shirt.

Ivy and Gold – Bombay Bicycle Club

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