Don’t Stop til You Get Enough

I’m sorry I’ve not had a proper wed-nails-day for weeks. I left my lamp at Roz’s after our little girls night and only picked it up during the week.

I’ve been seeing a lot if Aztec prints around, which I love btw, so thought I’d give it a go on my nails.

I decided to not to paint the pattern on every nail. For two reasons, I thought it would take ages and I was worried it would be too difficult to do my entire right hand. I was painting them after work so didn’t gave my usual weekend energy. I was right, it took a while and it’s hard to get straight lines with your non writing hand.

If you have a steady hand and spare hour this is simple enough. Just paint your nails in the colour you want and use either a nail polish pen or nail art tool for the details. I use my little metal dotter tool.

I did a slightly different pattern in each nail but you could keep then all the same. I’ve also seen some with different colour stripes under the detail, I may do this next time when I have more energy.


Don’t Stop til You Get Enough – Michael Jackson

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