Better Days

This American band is fronted by Alex Ebert, formerly of Ima Robot. This being his second incarnation after sobering up and spending some time in rehab. They have already had some success with their first two albums. The majority of their success is gleaned from their songs featuring in adverts, which is becoming an ever more popular way of garnering new listeners. Their songs Home and Janglin were featured both in the US and UK adverts. Home also had some Radio 1 airplay last year. They are about to release their third self titled album, out at the end if July.

The band have an overall folk sound but their albums have an eclectic mix with pop synth vibes and even reggae beats coming through on some tracks. The variety perhaps comes from the fact the band is pretty large with at least 10 members. There second album has a distinct Church sound to it which put me off a bit and I prefer  their first album.

This track is from the new album and is more soulful than their others, perhaps that’s why I like it so much. The lyrics are, as the title suggests, optimistic; reflecting on good days from the past but also looking forward to those still to come. I dare you not to smile and move your body to the beat.

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