It’s not always easy and sometimes life can be deceiving

It’s Wednesday, time for new nails. I finally got my striping tape delivered from china and wanted to try it out.

The purple pattern was so easy, striping tape on the hand is a nightmare to use!
I started with a light purple base coat.

I then added the dark purple pattern. I chose to make it a bit different on each nail. I painted it freehand but you could use tape if you’ve not got a steady hand.


Them for the striping tape. I wanted to line the purple pattern to make it really stand out. The striping tape comes on a roll and is sticky on one side like Sellotape.

It is tricky to use. I’m not sure if mine isn’t as sticky as it should be but I struggled to get it stuck at the edges. It’s difficult to get it in place and also to cut it from the roll. I think really you need someone to help you but I was all on my own šŸ˜”
I eventually got it in place in all my nails. You then put a top coat over to seal it in place. I recommend two coats. I gave some if my nails two and some not, long story. The striping tape started to peel on the nails with only one coat after a couple days. You want the nail to feel smooth, so you can’t feel where the tape is.



5 thoughts on “It’s not always easy and sometimes life can be deceiving

  1. I agree too, it might have been a pain, but the result is worth it, they look so professional! I wish I had the patience (and will power to stop biting mine!) to do this! šŸ™‚

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