Kiss from a Rose

Yey, this week I have new nails! This is the first time I’ve tried roses and was a bit disappointed with how they turned out. Everyone that’s seen them has really liked them though so I’m feeling better about them now.

I thought I would contrast bright flowers with a dark background. I started with a black base.

I then added some big pink dots. These don’t need to be perfect circles and actually looks better if they’re not. You may need two coats depending on how thick your polish is.

I picked a dark purple for the details, you need a colour quite a bit darker so it’s visible. I added little half circles on the pink dots starting at the outside and working inwards.

The roses are finished off with some white accents. Again draw little half circle shapes but this time just round the outside.

Finishing off with a top coat of course to make them all shiny.


I thought I would just do some accent nails on my right hand rather than every finger.


What do you think?

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