Hey now, you’re an All Star

Today was a super busy Sunday, tidying and shopping mainly. I’m still trying to find everything a place in our house, I love saying our house. I really have accumulated a lot of what the man calls rubbish, I call treasures.

Amongst all my stuff I also found some great clothes/shoes I had forgotten I had! Yes I have that much. One of the forgotten items are these.

Classics, I got these at the bargain price of $15 in NYC about 5years ago. I still love them. Since I was running about I decided on a simple comfy outfit. This is a little jersey mini skirt from H&M, I’ve got one in every colour. The top was made by yours truly, DIY post coming very soon.

It’s a circle top, I find it really flattering.

The all stars I like to wear only half tied with the tongue hanging out.

Lastly a little sneaky shot of my favourite boy before he starting misbehaving on his walk!

I love reading your comments so let me know what you think.

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