This band are a couple from Chicago. I found them on YouTube a few weeks ago. These guys are pretty cool, they left everything to go to Hawaii in 2010 and live off the land for three months. They had no plumbing or heating and even used rainwater for cooking and showering. This experience provided the inspiration for the band and their first album, All Night. Their first album is available on Itunes, the Hawaiian influence is clearly there and you can close you eyes and pretend your on a tropical beach somewhere.

They are now based in LA and signed to the same label as Cold War Kids, another great band. This song is from the forthcoming album, A Quiet Darkness, which has an even more beautiful recording process than their first. It tells the story of a couple caught in the middle of a nuclear disaster and their journey to reunite. Each song takes place in a different abandoned house and the couple travelled around recording the songs in these houses.

They have a really mellow indie sound with a little touch of electronic beat. The songs I’ve heard from the new album show more maturity, its due for release in April. Although the lyrics are pretty heavy the music is so beautiful you can just float away into it.  It’s great for a Sunday afternoon, especially when you’re busy organising your belongings, and the music can just wash over you.

As always let me know what you think.

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