Movin on Up

No outfits post today folks because I was busy moving! After a long time I have eventually moved in with the boyfriend. It’s been months in the making but finally here.

One problem though, I am ridiculously sentimental and like to keep everything. Seriously everything, I found high school exams papers and cinema tickets to toy story, the first one! My boyfriend on the other hand keeps nothing, his house is like a show home not a thing on any surface.

So you can imagine his face when he saw all these shoes and clothes



Oh and that’s only about half of each! Quick trip to Ikea was needed to purchase some extra storage.

There was also the expected argument over uploading my cd’s to the hard drive and throwing them out. I refused obviously. As well as do I really need all of these books. I do, we bought shelves.

Let’s just hope we don’t kill each other in the coming weeks and its all happily ever after.

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