I would go out tonight, but i haven’t got a stitch to wear

Last night I was feeling creative and had some spare time on my hands. I decided to finish off a dress I had started ages ago. I didn’t take any pictures to start with so you’ll have to bear with me, you may recall my diagrams aren’t the best! It’s really simple dress to make and only really takes about an hour, I had issues with my machine last night so took me much longer :(.

I used a jersey material, it’s relatively cheap and its easy to use. To start with I made two tubes effectively. The first covers the main part of the dress. I measured from under my bust to just above my knee in length and I measured around under my bust for the width. I don’t think there’s any point in giving my measurements as they’ll differ depending on your size, I added around half an inch on all the measurement for the seams. I then sewed up the ends to create a tube. This is the finished tube, very pretty.

bottom white

For the top part of the dress I made another tube which sits horizontally to the other tube, like this.


I measured from just under my shoulder to just under the other shoulder for the length. For the width I measured from under my bust to the top of my shoulder. I then sewed the edges together like this.  The red line is the bottom, I left enough space to fit the other tube. the blue line creates your neck line so it depends on how wide you want this to be.

excuse my curled edges
excuse my curled edges

I then sewed them together. You turn the top tube inside out and feed the bottom tube through the holes (I forgot to take a picture sorry). I then simply stitched them together. As my fabric was white I attempted to dye it a lovely olive green colour. Unfortunately I messed it up, it was 10.15pm by this point, so it is looking a bit tye dye lol!

tye dye

I think I will dye it again to even out the colour and will maybe hem the sleeves to stop the rolling edges. The cowl at the front isn’t a big as I’d like so I may mess around with the measurements if I’m making another dress.

this is first thing in the morning so no make up, awful!


close top

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