F*#k You Very Very Much

When you’ve had one of those weeks, the kind when Friday can’t come quick enough. Everything goes wrong and you spend your time chasing your tail. That was last week. Then last Friday morning this little tee dropped through my letterbox. Couldn’t have been more perfect, fuck you, my feeling exactly. If you ask me, a girl can’t have enough simple white tees. You can … Continue reading F*#k You Very Very Much

Throw on Some Leather and Cruise

First up, sorry for the rubbish quality photos! This is what happens when you’ve had no outfit posts for two weeks, you plan an photo shoot but forget your camera and it gets dark before you’re anywhere near finished work. Yip that’s winter in Scotland, you have to embrace the night as it starts at 4pm. It’s does mean it time to get wrapped up … Continue reading Throw on Some Leather and Cruise