I’m Just Mad about Saffron


Dark stormy skies and freezing temperatures call for all the layers and if you’re me a pop of colour. Who says yellow is just for summer.

I picked up this skirt in my favourite thrift store, Glad Rags. I soon as I spied the saffron lovelyness on the rails I knew it was for me, my size too it was made to be. Being a little too cold now for bare legs I opted grey tights to avoid the bumblebee look. 

It’s almost time for the C word to come out, not till December though, and layers are definitely the answer for all the shopping and socialising that comes with it. This cardy is a few years old now but the perfect piece for being in and out of the cold. Or for a little blanket in a freezing movie screen on a Saturday evening after a blog shot, I can highly recommend The Accountant. 








Skirt – Glad Rags Thrift

Top – Zoe Karssen

Cardigan – Primark

Boots – Primark

Mellow Yellow – Donovan 

8 thoughts on “I’m Just Mad about Saffron

  1. Only problem…your saffron pictures don’t show up in my blog…but folks are LIKING your post, coming back to the original! So–it stays and I’ll have to visit her (no problem!) to enjoy your work!

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