The Light


It’s a tough job the Fashion blogging business; you’ve got the outfit, found a photographer and place to shoot then the light goes. You will have heard bloggers rave about the magical golden hour, an hour before the sun goes down when the light is perfect for photo taking. Clumsy me always seems to miss this perfect window though and end up in this almost half light. Continue reading “The Light”

Roman Holiday

Seems like I was talking complete rubbish on Friday when I said those were the only outfit photos I convinced the man to take. I don’t know how I forgot about the couple of balcony photo shoots we had, the bottles of prosecco I drank most afternoons maybe?  I bought these trousers on a whim in the ASOS winter sale. I loved the colour but … Continue reading Roman Holiday

Barcelona – Take Me to the Church

On our first full day the heavens opened, seriously the rain was worse than Glasgow. We ventured down Las Ramblas, with the help of a hotel umbrella, but with the rain bouncing off the ground and it was no day for exploring. We found a cute little restaurant and stuffed out faces with tapas and wine instead. Given the weather it was the perfect day … Continue reading Barcelona – Take Me to the Church

When I Called You Last Night from Glasgow

Isn’t my fair city doing us all proud this past week. I’ve always been a proud Glaswegian but I’m really impressed by how well the Commonwealth Games are going. The opening ceremony was brilliant, I have heard a lot of people saying they found it cheesy but I loved it. It really got me excited for the rest of the games as you could probably … Continue reading When I Called You Last Night from Glasgow

If Perfect’s What You’re Searching For

For a few years now I’ve been searching for the perfect workwear for the summer months, I’ve finally found it. These culottes have hardly been off my body since it started to heat up here in Glasgow. They are light and floaty and well, perfect. Now do you think I could get away with the green ones in the office? Please excuse my grumpy face … Continue reading If Perfect’s What You’re Searching For

Another Turning Point, A Fork Stuck in the Road

Friday was very much the an end if an era. I left my job after almost seven years to move on to hopefully greener pastures. It’s a bit scary leaving what you know and love but I’m sure it’s the right decision and will all work out. The hardest part was leaving all my colleagues friends. There were tears a plenty throughout the day and … Continue reading Another Turning Point, A Fork Stuck in the Road