If Perfect’s What You’re Searching For

For a few years now I’ve been searching for the perfect workwear for the summer months, I’ve finally found it. These culottes have hardly been off my body since it started to heat up here in Glasgow. They are light and floaty and well, perfect. Now do you think I could get away with the green ones in the office?

Please excuse my grumpy face in these photos, I am not at all grumpy. I’m as excited as a little kid in the summer holidays, it’s just that my little scottish eyes aren’t used to the bright sunshine. I took these shots outside the bus station in Glasgow city centre. It’s funny but this spot always feels special to me, I spent a lot of time here in high school and university when a travelled between three scottish cities. I love George Wyllie’s Clyde Clock, you can see running behind me. It was always exactly in time with the station clocks and I was frequently running towards those massive running legs to catch a bus.

Let’s hope this weather keeps up to the weekend, I foresee a BBQ!

Culottes – ASOS
Shirt – Armani
Heels – Primark
Sunglasses – Chanel
Bag – Aldo



Just the Way You Are – Bruno Mars 

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