Clean and White

It’s pretty standard to gain a few pounds over Christmas what with all that yummy food that’s floating around everywhere. For me it’s been more than a few and my waistline has expanded considerably. Apparently I’ll get even bigger over these last few weeks, I’m not entirely sure how that’s possible mind you.

My go to outfit of stretchy dress and boots has gone out of the window the last few weeks with the freezing temperatures and piles of snow. Don’t get me wrong, I love snow. This year it has brought some wardrobe difficulties though, and I don’t just mean getting the winter boots on my feet.

Isabella Oliver has been a favourite for the last few months so I branched out from the dresses and picked up this shirt in the ASOS sale. Perfect for throwing on over my Next leather leggings, though the boots might be ditched in a few weeks in favour of something I can slip my feet into. Oh to be this pregnant in summer where flip flops coulda been my go to footwear.

Shirt – Isabella Oliver

Trousers – Next

Boots & Handbag – Just Fab

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