I have to admit I’ve not been checking out much new music lately. Since the little baba can hear what’s going on I’ve been trying to introduce some classics, there’s been lots of Dylan, Lennon McCartney, Al Green and Sam Cooke going on. My Spotify probably looks more like it belongs someone middle aged when you catch a glimpse of my Made for You selections these days. One with a good taste in music though I’d hope.
But it’s a new year and time for something new, enter twenty year old Jade Bird. Although hailing from Northumberland there’s a real America sound to her music. Perhaps unsurprising thar her debut LP is entitled Something American then eh? Not exactly new given it was released in July 2017 but I came across her recently with a new acoustic version of her track Cathedral released in December. Country is not a genre I’m a big fan of, but Jade Bird isn’t just country, there’s a bluesy brilliance to tracks and What Am I Here For is the most beautiful delicate track I’ve heard in a while.

Already featured in Rolling Stone’s Country Artists you need to know and on Radio 1’s Sound of 2018 long list. I’m sure she doesn’t need any kind words from me – but go check her out anyway.

I love hearing from you, let me know what you think

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