Go Your Own Way

I’ve been trying for four years now to get into some kind blogging routine, posting three times a week on set days, sharing on twitter, Instagram, Facebook and everything else that goes along with it. But really who has time for that? Those that run their blog as a full time job that’s who, I’ve already got one of those.

So posts will continue on random days and sometimes weeks apart. I’m happy with that if you are. One thing I do need to get a wriggle on with is my 35 at 35. I’m nearly half way through, how the f*ck did that happen, and only completed 4. I’ve crazily signed up to the Stirling Marathon this May to make 5 at least. Maybe one a month till the end of the year to catch up? 

This shirt I picked up at Christmas and is an absolute favourite. Stripes are always a winner and the oversized style is so versatile. Could literally wear it everyday. 






 Shirt – ASOS

Jeans – Mango

Lace Vest – Zara

Trainers – Converse All Stars

Jacket – Very

Necklace – Etsy (gift) 



Go Your Own Way – Fleetwood Mac

5 thoughts on “Go Your Own Way

  1. These pictures are beautifully taken! I love that shirt, I’ve been seeing this kind of look everywhere lately and I really need to pick myself one up, the jewellery you decided to accessorise the outfit with is also super dreamy. Keeping up with all things blogging/social media is tricky, trying to stay on top of it all can be mind boggling and then you run the risk of falling out of love with it. I don’t know how people have full time jobs and still seem to keep up with their blog so hats off to you!

    Xo Gemma
    Sunday Somewhere

  2. Oh my gosh the layering is perfect!! ❤
    I love how elegant and casual it looks, it's perfect for this time of year!
    I totally agree with you, many bloggers who's blogs went full time are only able to post few times a week and do the whole sharing all the time thing, unless you're like me and dont sleep.
    I hope you will find a routine that will suit you 🙂
    Kinga xx

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