Paint My Nails


I had a free morning on Friday to head out to St Andrews for a work seminar. I was torn, go for a run or paint my nails? Guess which won. 

I kinda love this little design, probably because it ended up being easily than I had expected which is always a good thing. I started with a coat of white nail polish. I then added the colour being careful to leave a white triangle in every nail. I needed two coats of green and purple for solid colour. Switching between the top and bottom makes it that little more interesting, as does adding a coloured ring finger. 

I finished by adding the detail in black with a dotter tool. The good thing about using black is you’ll only need one coat. Finish up with a top coat and you’re done. They even survived a drunken black tie dinner without chipping.






Cheap Thrills – Sia

6 thoughts on “Paint My Nails

  1. I can’t think of many situations where a run would win over a choice between two things but I actually think I’d choose it over painting my nails because I suck at doing that! Haha Yours look amazing though! You should do an in depth tutorial on a nail design!


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