Raspberry Ripple



What do these nails bring to mind? For me it’s ice cream with raspberry sauce. There’s something about the rippled design and mix of the white into pink and that conjures the image of a 99 from the ice cream van. Are 99’s even called that anymore? I imagine they’re about £2 now.

I came across this nail effect on one of those little Facebook videos that are suggested on your feed. It’s created by painting a white line on the red while the red is still wet, then using a dotted tool or orange stick to ripple the white. It’s super simple but a little tricky to master. As you can see it’s easy to apply either too much or too little white. I also struggled to create the perfect ripple with my left hand, my right hand looks like I had a fit. 

Luckily the design isn’t meant to be perfect so I think I got away with it. 




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