Girl Gotta Have


You know when you just gotta have something and you get up early and spend the whole day refreshing the web page? Yeah that was me when Balmain x HM went on sale. I had to have those thigh high boots, unfortunately so did everyone else and even with my massive feet they sold out before I could get them in my basket. A close second were these green suede biker trousers. When I finally got on the site they were the only thing left and in my size! This girl gotta have them, it was fate.

So why have I not featured them in all their awesomeness before now? Well they took weeks to arrive and then the rain came. Yip it’s been raining, or snowing, in Glasgow for about the last three months and I was worried about ruining them. The rain shows no sign of letting up though and a girl can’t wait forever.

Yesterday’s aim was to take a new header photo so I threw on all my favourites at once, green suede, perspex heels, camel coat and stripes. Seb was obviously front and centre and behaved remarkably well. New blog design coming as soon as I can work out a few technical issues, maybe don’t hold your breath.






Trousers – Balmain x HM

Shirt – Marks & Spencer

Coat – Missguided

Boots – Privileged

Favourite Things – Big Brovaz


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