The Weather Outside is Frightful


Well we’ve made it to Friday and though it may seem like the world is coming to an end with the weather; at least we don’t need to leave the house for the next two days if we don’t want to. Unless like me you have a little doggy for whom walkies are the best part of the day regardless of the weather.

Given that Christmas is only three weeks away I may need to venture out for some more Christmas shopping. At least I’ve discovered the perfect combo to wrap me up against the cold and wet and windy weather. Two of my favourites, culottes and OTK boots. I don’t know why I never thought of it before. My poor little culottes had been relegated to the wardrobe for the last few weeks, not anymore.

How are we all getting on with the Christmas shopping? Online has really been a saviour for me and I’ve picked up about half my gifts without leaving home already. There’s always those pesky few that are a bit more diffuclt to buy for though and a trip to town is required. Any ideas what to buy a man that has everything and says he wants nothing?




 Culottes – ASOS

Jumper – Forever 21

OTK Boots – Kurt Geiger

Scarf – Primark

 Let It Snow – Dean Martin

4 thoughts on “The Weather Outside is Frightful

  1. I hate buying for that type of man. Does he have any sports or interests? My husband likes golf so there is usually something that I can buy him related to golf. I hope this helps you. I love your culottes. They look so comfy and chic. Have a great weekend and good luck shopping.


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