The Holly That Will Be


Yesterday heralded the 1st of December and with that it is now acceptable to discuss the C word, yip it’s nearly Christmas. I have a strict rule that Christmas should not start to December, so these little nails were painted hurriedly last night and not over my leisurely weekend. I made a good start on the present front too, thank god for online shopping.

As we’ve only got two doors on the advent calendar opened and a long way to go yet I thought I’d ease into Christmas with these nails. Just two holly detail nails and the rest shiney black. I admit a black background for these photos was not a good choice, what is it they say about too much haste?

I drew the holly design with my dotter tool, I used it like a pen. To make the holly really pop I painted a white base layer first. Don’t stress about being perfect with the leaves, little holly leaves are all spikey and irregular after all, mine are far from perfect but the bright colours hides a multitude of sins.




It’s beginning to Look a lot like Christmas – Michael Buble

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