A Dog is for Life, Not Just for Christmas


Have you noticed the cute little dog-equins in River Island’s shop windows the last few weeks? This Christmas they’ve teamed up with The Dog’s Trust to raise some cash for the wonderful charity. Tomorrow all the dog-equins go on sale in stores around the UK. I like a cute little Labrador named Riley, but I think Seb might get jealous.

Seb’s not been left out though, he received this wonderful little box from River Island. Given the worlds end weather we’ve been having I think the towel is going to come in very useful. And how clever is my boy up there with those treats? We’re on our way to no 27 on the 35 at 35 list with those I think.

You can find out all the info on the campaign here. The Dogs Trust is such a wonderful charity rescuing poor little doggies that have been abandoned and promising never to put a healthy dog down. I’d be lost without my boy and I don’t understand how anyone can be cruel to a dog. Some of the reasons people give for giving up a dog are just appalling, their Christmas Video features some. And remember a dog is for life, not just for Christmas.




12 thoughts on “A Dog is for Life, Not Just for Christmas

  1. Lovely post! I agree with you, dogs (or cats or any pets) are for life and not just for Christmas, birthdays… I think people really need to consider and be honest with themselves before getting a pet. I liked that that company is taking care of abandoned animals and allowing other people to adopt them 🙂
    Great post! Your dog is super cute :3
    Dany | Endless Dreams

  2. How adorable and such a great campaign, I hate people who get animals to be bored of them or mistreated it is so sad and when I get a pet again it will definitely be from a shelter xxx

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