I discovered Jones on Later with Jools Holland where she sung the most beautiful stripped back version of this track. Raised in London by her, not surprisingly, soul loving mum. Despite their electro beats there’s a definite hint of soul in her smooth tracks. 

Indulge is quite an apt name as this song is quite an indulgence, the whole EP is in fact. Perfect soundtrack to a bubble bath or long lie surrounded by marshmallow sheets, yes that is a phrase. On the face of it it’s a love song but there’s a hint of something darker, ‘I know that it’s wrong, but I wanna indulge in you’. The second track on the EP, deep, lyrics also have more to them than your average pop song. 

This isn’t exactly new, the EP Indugle was released in April. The video is new though and she’s just sold out her debute show in November with another scheduled for February. Both in London though, how about coming up to Glasgow?

I love hearing from you, let me know what you think

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