I Went for a Walk, On a Winter’s Day?


Another day another walk in the park, just a little bit of a change in the temperature though. Yip autumn is here; though as I look out of my window this morning and see frost on my car I’m thinking maybe did we jump right into winter? 

To be fair I’m actually really enjoying this Autumn. In Glasgow we normally have lots of rain but this year it’s been remarkably dry, queue a monsoon starting. But for now I’m just layering up and trying to carry as many of my summer clothes over to Autumn as I can. The seventies look we’ve been rocking all year, still going. 

And that’s where the poncho comes in, yip I’ve got myself another one. It’s the perfect dog walking accessory; easy to throw on, keeps you warm when you first get out but not too warm after an afternoon of chasing a certain boy around the park. I was originally drawn to the fringes, another trend which is still going strong, looking at these shots though I’m considering snipping them off, what do you think?






Poncho – Primark

Jeans – Gap

Stripe Top – Primark

Over Knee Boots – Dune via Debenhams 

Cross body bag – Next 

California Dreamin – Mama’s and Papa’s

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