I Went for a Walk, On a Winter’s Day?

Another day another walk in the park, just a little bit of a change in the temperature though. Yip autumn is here; though as I look out of my window this morning and see frost on my car I’m thinking maybe did we jump right into winter?  To be fair I’m actually really enjoying this Autumn. In Glasgow we normally have lots of rain but … Continue reading I Went for a Walk, On a Winter’s Day?


Iris Gold now based in London was born in the UK but raised in Freetown Christiana commune in Copenhagen. With childhood influences of 60’s hippy sounds, 70’s psychedelia and hand me down hip- hop LP’s her sound was destined to be ecletic cool. And cool it is. It’s a perfect laid back summer tune. It conjures pictures of teenagers hanging out on sunny city streets, … Continue reading Goldmine