Eurotrash Nails


Last week I asked for some holiday nail inspiration. A few of you came back voting for glitter, though when I floated this idea with some of my friends one described them as Eurotrash. Not really the look I was going for, fingers crossed they’re a bit classier than that. 

I’ll admit these were a bit of a nightmare, glitter always gets everywhere and is impossible to get rid of. Add to that I was trying to paint them at 10pm the night before I left and needless to say it stressed me out a little bit. 

I painted a good three or four coats of white to ensure it was fully opaque. I then painted a gloss tip for the glitter to stick to. On the right hand I found a technic that worked best; pour the glitter out then dip the tips in, this way you get far less glitter all over your fingers. You need to cover your nails with a good two or three top coats to secure the glitter and smooth out the finish. I still had a few sharp edges from the glitter that needed filed down. 

What do you think? 






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