Pack Up Your Troubles


After a few long and busy weeks a holiday is much needed. I’m writing this from my king sized bed in my junior suite in Bologna, sorry not sorry for that boast. If you follow me on Instagram you’ll have seen the start of our little Italian Tour in Verona, some more on that coming in the next few days. 

Today it’s all about the packing, something I do not enjoy. I always get a but stressed trying to remember everything and fit the masses of clothes in my case. From a girl that’s regularly over the weight limit, I’ve developed a few tips over the years. 


1. Try everything you plan on taking on. Seriously everything. The amount of times I have brought home unworn clothes as they were uncomfortable or badly fitting, it’s a waste of time. 

2. Plan out your outfits, this stops me throwing in extra clothes that again go unworn. It also helps saves time on holiday, I’ve lost count of the times my man has lost his patience with me trying on multiple outfits.

3. Try and pick natural fabrics, 100% cotton, linen or silk. I know the temptation to pick up cheap throw away holiday gear in the likes of Primark is a big one. In the heat though natural fabrics are far more comfortable and less likely to make you sweat off half your body weight, though that also has its plus points. 

4. Select items that go together and you can mix and match. Easy way to create multiple outfits from only a few items, you can see I lean towards the brights. The hotels I’m staying in have laundry facilities, but even if your self catering you can always wash something in the room and hang it out to dry.

5. Shoes, shoes, shoes. My tip is pack, one pair flat sandals, one pair flip flops and one pair of heels. Then wear your biggest heaviest heels on the planes, wedges I’m looking at you. As you can see from the photos I struggle to take my own advice, we’re on day 3 and I’ve not worn any of those heeled sandals, maybe I should try harder. 

6. Lastly jewellery, two sets is normally enough. One set gold and one set silver. I am annoyed that I forgot my bright rope and tassel bracelets I picked up in accessorise. I always forget something. 

Oh and don’t you love my new case! Four wheels to make it easier with our travelling around and lime green. I spotted it instantly when I walked into the baggage collection area, who wants dull black? 


 Pack Up – Eliza Dolittle

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