Double Denim

    Apologies for my abscence this week, I’m not entirely sure were the week went. Funny how a couple of busy days makes you loose track of everything. This whole year in fact is rapidly disappearing, seriously how did we get to the end of July.  I’ve completed only 2 of my 35 at 35 list. I really should be completing 7 a year … Continue reading Double Denim

Sunshine She’s here, You Can Take Break

I hope I’m not making you all sick with my tweets and instagrams of me enjoying the sunshine out here in Brisbane. I’m having a wonderful time spending time with my family and catching some sun, I’m out exploring the city by myself mostly though so it’s nice to share it with you all. It’s also pretty awesome not having to worry about getting enough … Continue reading Sunshine She’s here, You Can Take Break

Blue jeans

I don’t want to say this too loudly in case I scare it away, but I think spring has finally arrived. There is some sunshine and definitely some milder weather, yay! Gives me a chance to whip out something which doesn’t cover every inch of my body in layers. I love cigarette pants, I am beginning to have quite a collection of colours. These are … Continue reading Blue jeans