What a Girl Wants


What this girl wants is dry sunny days to enjoy with my girl, before she goes home to Austrailia. Unfortunately we’re not all as lucky as Christina and what a girl wants is not what a girl gets. The majority of the past three weeks we have been swamped with rain and wind. 

Thankfully Glasgow is prepared for its unpredictable weather with plenty indoor activities in hand. Kelvingrove Art Gallery is a personal favourite from my childhood. My girl was quite taken with the stuffed animals and expression heads and screaming with delight at the dinosaur exhibitions that on right now. 

When the rain dried up and the sun started to peek through the clouds there was no keeping my girl indoors. Aunty Lauren may have wanted some photos in this stunning building but my girl wanted to head to the park, she won. I managed to get a couple before we left though. 

Less than a week left with her, so excuse me if I’m a little quiet next week. 








Blazer – H&M

Jeans – Gap

Vest – H&M

Belt – EBay

Scarf – Primark

Shoes – New Look

Sunglasses – Chanel



What A Girl Wants – Christina Aguilera

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