My Favourite Game


The inspiration for these is an outfit I have planned for upcoming busy Friday night. Pairing my two favourites, green and monochrome stripes, is something I’m looking forward to. Unfortunately I may need to rethink given how cold it still is here; yes I’m officially old as I’m now picking an outfit for a nightout depending on the weather. 

Anyway, these are pretty fab regardless aren’t they. My only issue is with the ring fingers, I really shoulda made that white triangle bigger. Two tips for this design firstly, paint your nails entirely white to start, then add the green and black in top. Secondly paint one coat of green, add the black stripes then another coat of green, it makes the join much neater. 

What do you think?





Favourite Game – The Cardigans




8 thoughts on “My Favourite Game

  1. Oh wow these are really impressive as always though I sound like a broken record but your nail art is TOP! I am trying to grow my nails out so hopefully they will look better after borrowing some of your designs 😉 xx

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