Throw on What I Wanted and Go


Hoodies, no longer to be resigned to the gym or yoga class – who am I kidding it’s more like lazy days on the sofa for me. When it’s cold enough for snow and you have a doggy to walk you need to throw on all the clothing you can find. This hoody is from the men’s department so it’s oversized and perfect for layering on top of an outfit.

I’ve had these leggings for a couple years now but I don’t think they’ve ever made it on here. I couldn’t resist donning them yesterday after the snowstorm we had on Friday night. I was disappointed pretty disappointed with how much the snow had melted though.

Everything was still pretty despite the thaw and needless to say Seb had a ball. I also managed to to talk the man into taking these shots, he’s not too bad he tries.

Hope you all have a relaxing Sunday ahead, I need to tackle the housework.








Hoodie – Primark
Jumper Dress – Benneton
Leggings – Next
Boots – Barratts*
Scarf – Primark
Headband – Primark

If I Was A Boy – Beyonce

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