27 Club

My new girl crush and I’ve only heard this one track, when it’s this good though it’s enough. Chloe Black was born in Australia and raised in LA and Paris, enough to me me suitably jealous on its own. When you mix in major musical talent, I’m fan girling all over the place.

Not only does Ms Black have cool Lana-esque vocal, the comparison is obvious but she can more than hold her own, the backing is pure luxury too. The track is full of soul mixed with big beats. It would feel at home on the Gatsby soundtrack.

With clever lyrics too ’27 Club’ being a reference to several musicians who died at that young age from classic rockstar means. ‘Joplin, herion, cocaine, Cobain, raise my Hendricks to Jimi’ perhaps the cleverest line I’ve come across in a while.

Some more music please Chloe.

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