Everyone Else is Doing It

Borrowing half of my favourite Cranberries album to justify what seems to be the standard post from all music bloggers right now. Well they had it right, why can’t I?

Unfortunately I don’t have the time to put together a comprehensive list like some of my bigger more professional counterparts. I was pleased to see some of my choices over the past year have made it onto some polls, Raury on to the BBC list and Coasts onto the Blog list. There’s a couple more that almost made it onto the blog too, if only I had more time.

So here’s my five favourites, most of which have appeared on at least one sound of list already. If there’s any justice these guys will all be toppingnthe charts in 2015.

James Bay
This singer songwriter from Hertfordshire has the most beautiful voice. I could listen to him sing anything. Fortunately he’s a rather talented lyricist as week, prepare to fall in love.

Jon Bellion
R’n’b was my first love and I still can’t resist it, particularly the catchy beats of the likes of Jason Derulo. Well, Mr Bellion not only co-wrote the awesome Trumpets but also the chorus to Monster by Eminem and Rihanna. I do love it when a songwriter steps out of the background to steal some well deserved limelight.

Daye Jack
Hailing from Atlanta Daye Jack has more than a little in common with his contempory, and favourite of mine, Raury. It’s an experimental and expressive of rap mixed up soulful melodies. What’s not to love.

Marion Hill
Perhaps the sexiest music I’ve heard in a long time, and yes I’m including FKA Twigs. If you take the Jazz and Blues from the twenties mix in some electro and bass, this duo is maybe what you’d get. All finished off with Sam Gongol’s sublime vocals.

Anyone signed to Chvrches label is deserving of at least a little attention. The 17year old is no exception. With sparse guitar and percussion her vocals take centre stage and what beautiful vocals they are. I’ve heard she is cracking live with only a guitar for support.

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