God’s Whisper


I didn’t have a music monday planned for today, I was too busy baking all day yesterday! This morning I heard Pharrell on the radio though and he recommended this guy in passing. I’ve loved Pharrell since his Neptune days so when he recommends someone my ears perk up.

Quick search on soundcloud brought up Raury’s debut album Indigo Child, released digitally at the beginning of September. Every track is different and I can see why this guy doesn’t want to get tied down to a genre or even whether he’s a singer or rapper.

There’s quite a bit of buzz about this 17year old online and it’s easy to see why. The tracks are, you could say, revolutionary and he has a fantastic outlook on life. This track with its lyrics ‘I am the Saviour’ is not a Kanye West style Jesus complex but rather a call to everyone ‘I just want to make as many people aware that the world is yours’

Bright kid.

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